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Is Gliese 581c a hard planet to get to?

The story of the newly discovered, possibly habitable planet Gliese 581 c, is made far more interesting by another article I found in 2006. Take a leap into hyperspace From the article: “EVERY year, the American Institute of Aeronautics and … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons You’re a Rich A-Hole

   1. You don’t take vacations. You make a note of often reminding your co-workers (or more effectively, your underlings) that only weaklings and whiners take vacations. Besides, who wants people to think you let your family decide what you … Continue reading

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Former Microsoft engineer now aboard space station

link to real story A video linkup at Russian Mission Control in Korolyov, on Moscow’s outskirts, showed the three smiling and getting hugs and back slaps from the three-member crew already on the station. “How did the launch look?” Simonyi … Continue reading

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Apple, the E.U. and Biz as usual.

The E.U. is having problems with Apple’s music business practices again. This time it’s about the pricing of identical content across Europe and the varied availability of content by country. It seems they care about consumers and preserving the consumer’s … Continue reading

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Blog of the minute

Hey! April fools, my blog has been blog of the minute for… much longer than a minute and only from this IP address, only when I’m logged in. Good one. 🙂

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