My first copyright violation notice.

After years, and I am talking probably close to 17 years on the “downloadable content of some form or another Internet”, I was just today sent a copyright violation notice. The source of the e-mail shall remain un-named of course, for fear of retribution (you cannot put anything past these scumbags, honestly).

The funny thing is that after all these years of downloading mostly music and TV shows, with the occasional obscure film unavailable easily elsewhere, I recieved this notice in reference to a film I have not seen, will not see and would NEVER download.

So, I can download something like (and I mean LIKE, not specifically) “The Dark Knight” and get away with it, (I have not downloaded this film and would not as I have paid for it and watched it in the cinema already, albiet much later than everyone else) yet… I get sent a notice for illegally (hrm!!) downloading a film I have zero interest in. I have no wireless connection, no-one on site with access to my network who downloads via bittorrent and no chance of any kind that anyone broke into my house and downloaded when I was gone. Hell, even grandma’s computer is on the fritz and not even connected to the network anymore.

So how does this happen? Anyone? How do I get a notice from a major company representing a major hollywood studio claiming I have downloaded a major film of theirs that I wouldn’t watch for free even if they had a free screening in my living room, catered with an open bar??!!

Hacked? Doubtful. Not only would I say I have great security, I would say with absolute confidence that I have the BEST home network and personal computer security in at the very least a 100 mile radius, if not further. (those bay area folks are sharp, so I must admit there are at least 3 people with better habits and systems in place)

Could someone have spoofed my exact i.p. address by chance? If so, why has it not occurred at least once already?

To add insult to injury, my choices for response were limited to essentially …

1. Yes, I did it, sorry. Please don’t rape my bank accounts for the next 11 years.


2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, so I must be a flat out liar and yes I’d love to get on your list of repeat offenders so that you can sue me the next time you guys screw up and assume I’ve ripped you off.


I will not go into specifics on my response, since my suggestions of how they could place certain body parts into specific orifices were detailed enough for them to google the details and discover this blog. But I assure you that if the person who received my response did not burst into appreciative and respectful laughter, “they” at least felt like such a complete asshole for associating with “their” employers “they” considered for at the very least several minutes the option of throwing “themselves” off the nearest bridge. (see, I’m hopeful that multiple  suicides are possible)

Has anyone else had to deal with this recently? My provider is for the most part hands-off. I can run servers with a home account. I have never had any kind of run-in with them in the past. The servers I DO run offer up ONLY creative-commons content, and mostly that which I have created myself. I would say that compared to most people I know, I have significantly less copyrighted content than the norm. I would call it insignificant. I mean, how many times do I have to pay for “Houses of the Holy” before I’m allowed to grab a copy for my mp3 player? 5? 6?  Try 11. (Zepplin is a guilty pleasure of mine) Most of what I have that was grabbed from TPB is stuff I have purchased already in the past. The rest is new stuff, some of which I have purchased. Most of which I would not, if I had ever been given the chance to hear it on radio first. (thanks a lot for the diversity, local radio, now GFY) The rest? TV that I already pay for.

This whole little incident is personally a bit disgusting to me. I’ll get over it, but it still pisses me off. I would NEVER even download the film you accused me of stealing, free or otherwise.

Any other similar experiences out there? It’s my first, so maybe I just need to ignore it and move on. It must happen a lot. Maybe it’s a scare tactic. Maybe they see something I’ve created experiencing more attention on the bittorrent sites than something they claim to be losing money on? So they think this is a way to stick it to me a bit and screw with my content delivery? Conspiracy theory at best, but my mind is racing right now.

But I do know what my reaction will be. I’ll find a way to download with anonymity and seed the FUCK out of that one movie that you claim I downloaded. For YEARS! On purpose. Even if I end up being the lone seeder. And at full bandwidth.

End rant.


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