Miss The Indie Rock Playlist?(4th update)

If you miss dear old Criznittle’s Indie Rock Playlist, there are some facsimiles, imitations and copycats out there. None of them measure up, but if you grab them all it could be close to good enough. There are quite a few to choose from now, which was not the case before Crizz stopped doing them a few months back.

Just goes to show how much the guy is missed. Some of them are put together well, some of them seem more intimate and personal, like they were made just for their friends. Here’s the selections I know of right now(and their most recent updates):

Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist:


Nice one, the most popular of the playlists I could find. More label stuff than I’d like, but VERY good selection. Kept up to date, organized well and easy to use/transfer. (m3u playlist next month? please?)

Indie 69:


69 tracks, pretty diverse, more unknown bands than some of the others. Still pretty good.

Clever Eleven:


Seems associated with a blog or show or something. Did not update for April as far as I can see. Nice selection of 11 tracks plus some bunuses, usually every month.Β  Pretty mainstream stuff, mostly. More than some of the others, but a good small selection. You’re sure to find something you’ll like.

CUT THE CRAP Playlist!


What a great name, and pretty fitting, too. LOTS of good stuff in here, oddities, really, really new stuff and … only thing I didn’t like was discovering something from the 90s in there. It took me out of the moment and I lost the plot for a bit. But then it all went back to normal and I was back to my neophile (no, not neophyte, neoPHILE.. I don’t care if I just made it up, it sounds right and if it’s not a word already, it should be and is now) fix.

Scharfy’s Indie Mixtape:


Nice list, really. Not sure if he’ll continue. Hope he does. Some truly indie (by action rather than by genre) stuff and some truly new stuff here.

Creative Commons Cast:


Just one “episode” so far. It’s a live show, too, according to the info. But the tracks are individually downloadable in the torrent rather than strung together with talking in-between like a podcast. ALL Creative Commons artists. Surprisingly good.

Nitrosoxide’s Indie/Rock Playlist:


The most important thing to know about the name of this playlist is the slash. It’s not just about indie rock, it’s indie SLASH rock. So you will see oddities like Bob Seger tracks from the 70s, alongside Jim Noir alongside INXS. Which is odd, but honestly not everyone grew up wanting to vomit when two of those came on the radio. It’s his taste and bless him for it. TONS of new stuff, too. So don’t consider it a diss. It’s a damned fine playlist.

Dan and Trulle’s Playlist of the month:


Yeah, it’s metal. But damnitt! I’ve been looking for new metal lately that doesn’t sound like a parody of itself or a soundtrack forΒ  greasy-haired hunchback teens to yell “FAG” to. Better luck next time I guess. (gotta love Sepultura and L.O.G. though)

That’s all I got for now. I’ll come back and edit and point back to it when I find more.

UPDATED: Another one(make that FOUR) found.

daKradhas Indie Rock Playlist


Have not had a chance to download and listen yet, but it looks like another good one. This one has a focus on music from Austria(and some Germany) but with bands from everywhere included. 42 tracks and the submitter seems passionate. So it should be a good one.

Twelph’s Indie Rock Playlist


Looks like a great list. A few dupes, but only so much new music can come out in a month, so no criticism there, just an observation. The selections ARE great and it’s another winner. Hope he keeps doing it. And 100 frakkin’ tracks, too. Lots to choose from.

Also found a series of torrents AND a show called “Pocket Soup”, from the guy that brings you Starpilot.

Pocket Soup

Show Page:




B-azzz Playlist


Indie-Pop-Electro-Funk-Jazz-Rap-HipHop-Rock-Mash. That’s how it describes itself. I found it hard to figure out what exactly is on the thing because most of the tracks have song name and no artist listing. Have to download to find out for sure. But maybe that’s part of the fun? Not knowing? I would say what I think, but I have not had the chance to grab it yet. Will update when I have.

More as I find them……


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6 Responses to Miss The Indie Rock Playlist?(4th update)

  1. Josh Blalock says:

    Hey its blalock here, Thanks for mentioning my playlist. πŸ™‚

  2. eleventyurple says:

    wow! cool Thanks for the music!

  3. Josh Blalock says:

    Not a problem. Btw I did include a .m3u file and .pls in the torrent on this months list πŸ™‚

    Hope you enjoy. A lot more newer stuff on the may list.

    • eleventyurple says:

      And the June I think is the best so far, too. I think I say that every time, but I really mean it this time. πŸ™‚

  4. mindset says:

    thanks for including cut the crap in your list =)

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