In the end, I chose stone. #003 – The Idea (fiction)

I was bored to death. Summer, 1999. My roommate was busy with a friend and they were loud, so I called Andrew from my cell while sitting in my air-conditioned car. Doing that today would be like tossing flaming dollar bills out my window every 5 minutes. But back then gas prices were not too shabby and I hadn’t even stopped to consider the pointless carbon footprint my little 45 to 60 minute running-car phone calls were stomping into the ozone layer. Then again, I wasn’t considering much in those days besides my own problems. And any, any way to take my mind off the crippling depression I was keeping to myself.

Andrew and I knew each other since the 9th grade.


About eleventyurple

A number and a color, neither of which exist, but oh so much more.
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