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In the end, I chose stone. #003 – The Idea (fiction)

But what if we actually tried it? Is it insane if we do it just for the hell of it? Continue reading

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Premature publishing, a lesson.

Sorry about that previous post. It was scheduled while I was away, busy. Look for it, if you are looking for it. Both of you. In a while. Thanks. Hope it’s worth it.

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In the end, I chose stone. #002 – Coping Through Chemistry (fiction)

It’s said that you’ll always hold them in your hearts. But what if you could do better? Continue reading

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In the end, I chose stone. #001 – The Telephone and the Unseen Dance (fiction)

Right off the bat I’d like to say it’s good to be back, and if you were expecting ranting and raving about music, politics, Internet policy, law, the riaa, the mpaa or other subjects near and dear to my frigid … Continue reading

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The Virgin DataDongle and the rest of this nonsense.

Let me say that I’m not picking on Virgin Mobile, in particular here. All providers are to blame for this anti-competitive, “let’s agree not to compete in THAT way” nonsense. Hey , you over there, with the big fat wallet. Yeah, you. Want some new revenue, endless good karma and customer love while sticking it to those telecos that want to charge you more for being bigger than everyone else? All while still being able to say you’re not doing any “evil”? (coughgooglecough) Continue reading

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Miss The Indie Rock Playlist?(4th update)

If you miss the “Indie Rock Playlist” of the month, here are some alternatives for you. Continue reading

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My first copyright violation notice.

After years, and I am talking probably close to 17 years on the “downloadable content of some form or another Internet”, I was just today sent a copyright violation notice. The source of the e-mail shall remain un-named of course, … Continue reading

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